Traffic Lucky

5 lanes. All at a dead stop. That orange finger on my dashboard stuck on zero. 

I am so lucky. 

My plane leaves in 2 hours and my GPS is telling me it’ll take over 30 minutes to go 7 more miles. 

I am extremely lucky. 

There’s an 18-wheeler in front of me, a panel truck to my right, a white sedan with an older couple to my left in the HOV lane and a black SUV behind me. We’re all going nowhere. We’re all not moving an inch. 

We’re all so lucky. 

You see, it’s all about perspective. I woke up this morning next to an angel who treats me like a king and fills my heart with joy and love. I opened my eyes to find the early rays of sun coming through my window. I drank a fresh brewed coffee, shared some eggs with her and I walked into and out of the shower on my own accord. I thought about those things as I continued to press my foot down on my brake pedal this morning. 

How lucky I am to be right where I am. 

I’m in my vehicle. I’m listening to an inspiring podcast. I have my health, my wits and a blindingly bright future. I have the love of family and friends. 

But let’s start with the basics...I woke up above the dirt. Everything else is frosting. 

As I sat in traffic for what seemed like eternity this morning my mind wandered to those in my life I’ve lost way before they “should have left.” I thought about a young man I met last year who’s been battling a debilitating disease for over 6 years. I think about the homeless woman I passed on the street corner this morning. She was sitting on that same bench yesterday with the same cart and same coat. 

I’m so lucky to be going nowhere in these 5 lanes of traffic. 

I thought about a woman I know who’s husband is fighting for his life against colon and liver cancer. Although I’ve never met him and only met her once briefly, my heart breaks for them both. 

Thank you for this horrible traffic. 

Memorial Day was 2 weekends ago. How many men and women have lost their lives serving a country, some before their lives actually started? 

I love this traffic. 

Perspective. Gratitude. Traffic Lucky