Just one step. Just one dollar. Just one less soda. Just one flight of stairs. Just one less hour watching the news.

I listened to a podcast last week where the host emphasized that we don't need to know where we're going or focus all of our attention on the destination or outcome. Because many times that is too daunting, too scary, and too complicated. He said all we have to do is focus on 1 step. Take that next step. Then the step after that. Then 1 more step. Before you know it, you're moving in a positive direction. You're moving towards your goal, your destination.

It's kind of like a fully loaded train at a dead stop. Have you ever seen a train start moving? It's not like a drag car which takes off like a rocket and hits top speed in a matter of seconds. A train conductor makes a decision to push the throttle forward and then things start to happen. There is a lurch as the locomotive heaves forward but not much else moves. Then the second car strains to move forward. Then the 3rd. Pretty soon the 16th rail car back is starting to inch forward. All the while the locomotive in the front has it's wheels spinning on the track.

That train is us. When we're depressed. When we're scared. When we're confused and we don't know where we're supposed to be or what we're supposed to do. We're that train sitting on the tracks. But if we, the conductor, make a decision to go forward. If we push that throttle forward and take that first step, we'll start to see a little bit of progress. 

What are we trying to change in our lives? Maybe we're trying to lose weight, get out of debt, finish our degree, write a book, become the person we're meant to be, see the world. Whatever it is, whatever your journey is, wherever the destination may lie, it takes just one step to get it started. 

For me personally I went through a period in my life where I had gained a lot of weight. I wasn't happy in my life and I was abusing food, alcohol and entertainment to dull the pain. But I took that first step and stopped drinking soda, reduced my intake of processed food, and became more aware of what I was doing to my body each time I consumed a drink, a meal or a TV show. I still work on that each day. I'm more aware of my choices. Now I'm working to reduce my debt and increase my savings. I'm working on a book I hope to publish in the future. It all takes just one step. 

What is that one step you will take to start your journey, to begin your transformation, to achieve your goal?

Thank you for reading.