I grew up in a small country town in Central New York; no lines on my road, no stop lights in my town.  A place with 4 true seasons, plenty of snow in the winter, sub in the summer and some of the most magical springs and falls in the world.

Growing up I had no idea what I wanted to be, what "profession" I wanted to do. I was a follower as a kid, constantly trying new things and going through those stages of growing. Both of my parents were blue collar factory workers. We didn't have an abundance of money but what we did have was love. I am who I am because of them most of all. 

I joined the U.S. Navy shortly after graduating high school; again a follower. I was the last of 7 friends, all boys in my senior class to enter the Navy.  Through great mentors, a good work ethic and my fair share of luck, I had a successful career that took me all over the world. 

I "climbed the ladder" of rank and success and found it a lonely spot when I got to the top. I realized that I yearned to do something more, have a greater impact each day and I needed to find significance.  I retired after 23 years of service and I started another journey; this time to try to make the world better. My true purpose is to learn and help others learn and grow.   

At my core I am a lover. I'm a people person. I love connection, deep conversation, a great home cooked meal, sights that make me marvel and knowing each night when I lay my head down that I've grown that day.  I am a huge lover of the sports, the outdoors, of nature, of creation, of life and of helping people believe, achieve, and succeed. I am amazed by the wonders around me each day and for that I am truly grateful. 

I created this site to allow my expression out, for myself primarily but also in hopes to inspire anyone reading to express themselves, grow, and connect.

Thank you for reading. It means alot that you took the time to share.