A nautical term I've used recently to describe what I've been through over the last few years of life.  Understanding my role on this earth, who I was put here to be and what I wanted my legacy to be.  You see, finding that one thing, that one calling comes for us at different times in life. We don't have to know at any specific time what it is but at least point yourself in the right direction.  If we're steering a ship, guiding it through open water and we need to head north, start by putting the bow (the pointy end) north. At that specific time deciding between 005 degrees and 356 degrees isn't crucial, you can make those course corrections you need to when the time is right. But point yourself in the right direction.

I talk about this because 6 months ago I retired from a 23+ year Navy career.  I had a general idea of what I wanted to do in life but I didn't find my specific heading for a while. Even now I don't have it down to the single degree. And yes, if we're being literal, a ship sailing east even 1 degree off will end up hundreds of miles off its intended destination. But I don't think we have to get that literal here. Not just yet. You, I, we have time to correct our steering.

I knew what my passion was, what burned in my heart and soul. I just didn't have my specific course in mind. That voyage was one of the most difficult things I've done in life. Wrought with uncertainty, lack of confidence and even fear.  Looking back now I can see all the things I could have done, all the work I could have put into it but I didn't.  I was traveling in a fog, looking and listening for guidance.  I was blessed to have love and support in my life through that trying time, more than I could ever imagine.  I have to remember many days to be kind to myself. Those feelings I had are all too common. Not just for retiring military but anyone making major changes in life. We could all be more kind to ourselves. Leave the past in the past but take those lessons into the future. 

I'm pointed in the right direction but each day I correct my course even more.  My passion is to empower people. To share what's in my heart and help guide people to who they truly are, what they truly want. To bring out the best in them and help them live the fullest life imaginable.  A boundless life.  

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Thank you for reading. -Reggie