Maybe that says something about how much we should listen. I always prided myself on being a good listener but lately I have been guilty of not truly listening to those people in my life that gave me the truest advice.  On occasions I allowed my pride to overtake my humility and that is a tough thing to admit.

But I'm all ears now (and I've been told I have big ears). Changes in my life that have shown me to truly open up and listen. Listen to people who care for me, listen to the signs from the universe and listen to my heart. And then get out there and do something about it! 

It seemed like for months I was figuring out who I wanted to be. Call it what you will but as I sit here and really search who I am I find a few things continually come to me.

I'm a lover of nature, being outdoors, sports, fishing and building things that give people joy. Those will always be parts of my core. I also know I love to help people live better lives. I truly enjoy meeting people, getting to know them and sharing something deeper than a surface conversation. For years, decades maybe, I was all surface. I didn't open up to what was buried deep and I sure wasn't interested in digging deep into others. I wasn't confident enough. In my previous post I wrote about pointing yourself in a direction; I believe I am. My passion for helping people has manifested itself in so many ways. I am part of an organization focused on healing the body. I am a basketball coach. I help military members find life after the military. I started a book about gratitude (ebook coming next year) and I've started a Facebook page called "Gratitude U." which is focused on increasing gratitude in the world.  All these things strike a deep cord within me. But most of all, I'm a proud father of two wonderful young adults. 

My ears are open. My pride is swallowed. My palms rest upward, open for signs and guidance. Changes are happening and I'm ready to be my truest self.

Thank you for reading - Reggie