Hello, I truly hope you're well. My desire, as you read these posts, is that the words from my heart and soul will stir in you a belief in self and a better understanding that you're not alone in life. You're not so different from many other people who feel and believe what you do. And that you'll find empowerment.  Empowerment to live a full life without bounds.

We all deal with many of the same issues.  Some of us, including me, are sometimes too proud to admit them, speak of them and allow ourselves to grow and heal. You're not alone. I have found in my progression through life that simply opening up to someone, anyone and sharing your thoughts, whether positive, self-reflecting, fears, or whatever they may be, can be such an uplifting experience. Truly a weight lifts from us when we share feelings and sometimes find a connection.

For me personally, expressing my insecurities about being a good father, people I've lost in my life and recognizing the work I have to do each day on myself have been empowering and guide my future steps.  

How many can relate to those feelings or have a similar person in their lives who helps them become someone better? 

Share. Find connection. Grow. Become a truer you.