Have you ever heard the saying “Want (or wish) in one hand and poop in the other and see which one fills up faster"?

I’ve heard that my whole life. Especially when I was younger. It essentially means we can “want” all day long but that doesn’t make it happen. There are other powers at work. You don’t just get it because you want it.

So in this season I’m going through in life I’m reminded I can want or I can be honest and if I stop to look at that, the honesty hand will overflow pretty quick.

I’ve had some recent issues about not feeling like I’m where I “should” be in this stage in my life. I can want more from my job, I can want more from my education, I can want a better place to live or a new truck but honestly I’m not doing what I should on a daily basis to deserve those wants. I’m not applying myself in my everyday life. I’m not sticking to positive habits. I’m procrastinating with the things I know I need to do.

And then there’s relationships. I have a close friend who I know wants more from their current romantic relationship. (Trust me, it’s not me. I’m blessed and grateful in the relationship I have). This friend wants nothing more than for the relationship to be what they want it to be but if they were honest with themselves, truly honest, they’d see that it may never be. My friend gets honest opinions from the loving people around but again, honesty isn’t what’s wanted. That honesty hand is filling up quick.

I’m by no means saying don’t want or wish. I just think we all could do a better job sometimes in choking down that spoonful of honesty. Sure it might hurt our ego, our pride, and a host of other feelings but at the end of the day (or season) I believe that both hands will be overflowing.