Love and Silence don’t go together. I can’t think of a time when staying silent was the best course of action when you see a loved one doing something harmful or unwise. I believe one of the greatest signs of love for another human being is when we have the courage to tell them something is wrong.

Whether they’re in a bad relationship or their actions are adversely effecting their life or the lives of others, deciding to say something shows you care. We can’t make them change their actions nor get out of that unhealthy relationship but at least we’ve done our part to speak up, tell them our feelings, and let them know they’re not alone. I can love fully and still not support their decisions.

We might have had those moments when we debated whether saying something would hurt their feelings or jeopardize our relationship so we hesitated to speak up. I know I’ve taken on a too-passive attitude at times, weighing my concerns for the person vs. my concerns for what they’ll think if I spoke out. But I will get better, become more aware of what my silence says to them, and believe that those words I say mean I love.

If you know it’s wrong, if your heart and your gut scream out for them to stop, let them know in your words. Write a letter, send a text, pick up the phone or stop what you’re doing and tell them to their face. They deserve it. They need it. Speak love.